Linda engages with her audience with real world advice, enlightening anecdotes and interactive exercises. She tailors her knowledge and expertise to suit the audience - whether it be business owners, associations, interest groups, educators or salespeople - individuals or groups who are looking to develop strategies that will help them positively support their mental and emotional health so they reduce worry and stress, and enjoy greater productivity and success in business and in their personal lives.

Some of her speaking presentations are:

"Sell Like a Pro!"
"Waterproof Your Team's Success!"
"Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success!
"Managing Your Mind-Set for Results!"
"How To Get Better Buy-in!"
"Living on the Edge!"

Linda’s engaging and powerful workshops will show you how to significantly enhance the performance and results of your team. Contact her now for details

"I had no reservations about using Linda to help me in my business as I have a lot of confidence in her abilities. She was able to bring a fresh perspective on so many levels with my team. We have implemented changes in the way we interact with customers and this process is on going. Linda allowed me to see areas where we could improve and fine tune our overall customer experience.

I would recommend Linda to anyone who has challenges within their business, or their life.”

- Chris Seeley, Director, World of Tyres, N.Z.

Phone: +64 21 226 1231