Winning Tactics for Social Anxiety

Some of the different kinds of stress are difficult to own up to!

Social anxiety, a crippling form of stress, is one of them.

Social anxiety is about not wanting to go out for fear of being judged. This type of stress is very rarely talked about and can end up being debilitating to the point where the person does not want to go out in public at all.

Social anxiety is more often related to something in that person’s past and they believe that when they are out they’ll meet someone who they fear will judge them based on an earlier event, situation or past record or occurrence.

In order to avoid being put in the position of being judged, they instead refuse to place themselves in a public situation, thus eliminating the possibility of being judged or criticized.

Social anxiety is not uncommon with people in business.

Social anxiety doesn’t have to show up in public. For many people they just avoid going out, they prefer to stay at home, pottering around the garage, the yard, or at the computer, or at work, anything rather than contact with others outside their ‘space’.

And their partners notice that they don’t really want to go out anymore…

Getting support from a trusted professional is important. Linda Wells in her 20 years as an educator and now as a professional speaker and coach working with industries all around the country has noticed that so many business owners, managers and executives find themselves living in a state of overwhelm everyday because their head is always stuck in their work.

That’s why she’s created a very unique and powerful training program specifically for successful people who are fed up watching everyone else around them relax and enjoying their life while they’re constantly consumed by their work and can’t seem to switch their brain off. 

Contact Linda at or mobile +64 21 226 1231

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