Why GETTING BURNED Is No Friend To Small Business!

“I’m spending all my day putting out fires…all I seem to do all day long is TELL people what to do…”

There’s so much talk required in business…emails to send and answer, meetings to hold, staff to motivate, jobs to schedule, customers to engage with, possible clients to follow up with …the list is never ending…and we haven’t even got started on the long-term stuff required to run a successful business!!

What can you do if you’re a boss with staff, or lead a team of individuals, or are a sole entrepreneur or autonomous operator, and you know that not all of your talk delivers the result you’re seeking?

Here are 5 tips to give more meaning and impact to your ‘TALK’:

1. Organise an opportunity where you and your staff/team can talk ‘openly’.

This conversation has no specific outcome in mind other than to allow people to talk openly about what’s going on. This might form part of your scheduled weekly meeting where you ask a few open-ended questions to gain valuable feedback from those who you employ, who duplicate you in your business and who engage with your clients and customers. 

You’ll be amazed at the response you get and the sound ideas that come forward. Questions might be: “How did we do as a company last week?” or “What was the key learning for you last week with your workload?” or “”When did you feel you were at your best on the job last week?” and so on.

Powerful stuff! 

2. Make sure you have a 1:1 conversation with every staff/team member.

This is another area that’s often overlooked; so often the boss has good intentions of sitting down with an employee but work gets in the way. Once a year is minimal (cringe), every 6 months or every quarter is preferable!

It’s all about finding out the potential of the person, what they can add to the company and where they see themselves heading. It’s motivation for the employee to be more engaged with their work.

3. Have a conversation about pressure, tension, stress, energy levels…

Your employees are human beings not machines! So understand that everyone has their moments where they are not functioning at 100% or anywhere near it, when they’re not firing on all cylinders…and the reasons why could be wide ranging.

Stress usually falls into 4 camps: family worries; relationship issues; financial pressure; and work related stuff.

You need to know what’s going on…

Many bosses don’t know how to attend to this kind of stuff – they’re not trained in this area or they don’t feel comfortable dealing with things of a personal nature. True…if this is you then get someone in who is qualified to deal with these everyday challenges which will be affecting productivity and engagement at work big time! 

4. Have a conversation about ‘Purpose’.

When was the last time you sat down with your team and talked over where the business is heading, what the key elements of success look like or how the employees fit in the big picture?

Congrats if you’ve done this in the last 6 -8 weeks. All too often this falls into the ‘important but not urgent’ area of your planning…make sure this area of your business management hits the ‘important and urgent’ list today. It will pay dividends.

5. Adopt the Leadership role! 

As a boss you are a ‘Leader’ not a manager.

We manage things. We lead people. 

If you are spending your time ‘managing’ people you’ll be putting out lots of fires…you’ll struggle to keep up with leading your people, your business or organisation. And you’ll most likely experience some form of overwhelm or overload; resulting in stress, anxiety, poor sleep patterns, relationship on rocky ground, always feeling tired, not able to relax, drinking or smoking too much, negative thoughts, a sense of gloom, frustration or despair…

So call yourself the Leader.

Talk will not generally get you what you want… As bosses we are often doing a lot of talking yet not doing such a great job of ‘leading’ through our talk. Staff aren’t motivated by your talk, your team members need more than just words. And if you’re finding that you seem to be talking to yourself most of the time then you’ve probably stopped listening too!

Stop spending your valuable time putting out fires. Everyone has challenges in a day, it’s a part of business. How you lead yours is entirely up to you.


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