What’s the Cost of Lower VALUE in Your Business?

What does value mean to you and your business?
How do you demonstrate value to your clients and customer?
How do you know you provide value to others?

For today’s BNI Chapter meeting we were to speak for 60 seconds on the word value. There were lots of ideas put forward for example – knowledge and experience, giving good advice, using good equipment, developing new team members, gathering great information, doing something out of the ordinary, expressing emotion, value is subjective and therefore it’s in the eye of the beholder, giving great service, and so on…

As a Health and Performance Coach I spoke of the 3 valuable areas that my private clients work towards:
1. Sorting Their Brain Out to manage stress, boost performance and achieve more
2. Having a Voice of Influence to create awesome communication
3. Being Happy

So, what’s the value of achieving all that? My clients would say it’s PRICELESS!
In order to work out the possible value let’s look at the true cost when you don’t have or when you’re struggling with those 3 things above.

You may find yourself:
• Constantly sorting out a negative spiraling mind loop because your brain is fried, the wiring has fused, you have a lack of focus and clarity, and you’re feeling stuck…
• Always feeling that you’re not fully in charge of your emotions because responses with family or colleagues or customers leaving you feeling flat and worn out…
• In a perpetual state of unhappiness because the enjoyment has gone out of your work and or your personal life…

So, what’s the No.1 true cost of the value in your business?

Spending time working out what value you provide to your business, your clients and customers and to your family and friends is a worthwhile exercise.

Linda Wells is an accomplished Coach and Speaker. Linda supports men to shift their mental stress into their business success and is passionate about sharing her knowledge through speaking at seminars, conferences and interest groups and assists private clients via Skype or face to face. http://www.outcomesunlimited.co.nz/keynote-speaker-2/

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