What Happens When You Say “YES!”

I just want to let you know I’ve recently returned from an experience in San Diego.

When I reflect back on my week one word springs to mind – commitment!

Towards the end of last year I was invited to San Diego to be interviewed on the Red Carpet as part of a Massive Visibility Program for Entrepreneurs.

My first reaction was one of “I can’t possibly go!” quickly followed by “Why not?” and “What’s stopping you?” and “What would happen if you did Linda?”.

So I said “YES!”

And I committed to going, to doing the work, to putting in the preparation necessary for such an event. But more importantly I became aware of what happens as a result of making a commitment, of taking that leap of faith and adhering to do the things some of which fell outside my comfort zone.

It was an amazing week! I enjoyed being interviewed about the specialized work I do in supporting men to shift mental stress into business success. Many men are driven to succeed yet they often feel worn out in the process, have trouble maintaining their focus, and find it difficult to switch off when they get home. And they don’t know where to get the support they need to reduce anxiety so they can have more energy, develop razor focus, re-connect with family…and feel a whole lot happier too. It felt great to talk about that.

I was also able to promote how I love speaking to groups, associations and to attendees at seminars and conferences. I speak in a way that really connects with men and women in the audience and drive home the life changing messages that will have them creating success without the stress. And it felt great to talk about that too.

What do you need to say “YES!” to? Once you make the commitment, the rest is relatively easy…

Note: Definition of commitment: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity etc; a pledge or undertaking

Linda Wells is a Speaker Coach focused on the issues for men around stress and anxiety.