What does anxiety look like?

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Anxiety shows up in different ways!

In general, anxiety means you’re at the mercy of your inner game, that incessant insatiable voice in your head… and you may feel

•  Powerless or ‘gripped’ with inactionman-with-laptop
•  Exhausted by your constant ‘what-ifs’
•  Worried about your loss of focus
•  Frustrated that you’re letting the side down
•  Fed up that your self-talk is taking over
•  Concerned that your family/relationship is suffering
•  Unsure where the help may come from

Men's struggles with anxiety often go unheard. Men are supposed to be able to tough things out, to be strong, to not show any emotion and to be on top of their game all of the time. Because of this kind of thinking, men often take considerable time to seek help.

It’s no secret that work-related stress and anxiety can lead to burnout…feeling constantly overwhelmed by the demands of work and life has major effects on health, relationships and our enjoyment of life. Linda's book titled: Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success is a healthy place to start. This book introduces you to what stress is, the ways you might be struggling, and most importantly the strategies to conquer it.

Most men in business experiencing anxiety…

•  Believe they just have to put up with anxiety… it can’t be controlledno-sleep

•  Think it will go away when things calm down or when there’s more time...

•  Mistakenly believe they ‘should’ be able to handle this problem

•  Are aware that the doctor’s pills won’t fix the problem long term

•  Fear it might make them appear weak… are afraid to admit to having anxiety

•  Are easily discouraged by their efforts to make inroads

•  Ignore the impact anxiety has on their health and relationships

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Anxiety in men is common.

man-with-hand-in-hairOne in five males will experience anxiety at some stage in life. For men in business the odds are a lot higher. Work stress and the nature of being in business creates more opportunity for anxiety to creep in.

And once anxiety is there it can be a difficult thing to shake…in fact research tells us that only one in ten men with anxiety will actually take the necessary step forward to find support.

The anxiety problem is massive yet there is a solution.

The challenge for men is that they often don’t talk about their anxiety and how it is affecting their everyday lives, both in business and personal. And this is why men are less likely to seek help.

Two of the most common forms of anxiety men in business experience are:

Generalized Anxiety – This is where men worry about potentially negative events in the future, or the ‘what-ifs’, or they build scenarios in their mind over work issues, find it difficult to shut off their mind, ruminate at night instead of sleeping, or worry about situations that they have little or no control over…

Social Anxiety - This is where men stop wanting to go out, or they may feel uncomfortable about meeting people in public or they avoid socializing with others for fear of social embarrassment or humiliation. Their sphere outside their work environment becomes smaller and they limit their social connection in order to contain any fears they have.

If men in business were able to wave a magic wand and manage their anxiety to make things better than ever in their business and personal lives, what would it look like?

Here are some possible outcomes…

happy-young-man•  Being calm and relaxed
•  Business running well
•  Feeling in control and having a clear focus
•  Energized
•  Greater self-awareness and understanding of others
•  Enjoying a better quality of sleep
•  Emotionally resilient - coping skills improved, able to face and resolve other things, bounce back
•  ‘Being present’ with family and emotionally available to them
•  Living in the now and enjoying the moment
•  Having more fun and joy in life
•  Feeling satisfied with what they’ve got

Many a man who appears to be successful in business may be lacking in other important areas of life… and struggling with an overactive mind that doesn’t give any peace leaves a man in business feeling exhausted.

Men in business can learn how to manage anxiety with the right tools, techniques and strategies.