The 3 Foods That Rob Your Body Of Vital Energy

Being constantly on the run and attending to all the demands of family, work and pleasure requires heaps of energy – mental, emotional and physical energy – in bucket loads!

There are often critical times of the day when you require maximum output. So it’s most important to add the right kind of fuel to your system. If you were a thoroughbred racing horse you would eat the best quality of feed and supplements to be at peak condition for the important carnival races. If you were a high performance car, say a Ferrari, you would have the highest octane fuel to enhance the speed and handling on the race track.

So what about the person who also needs to be in peak condition to live and work at optimum speed and pace all the time? Well, it’s your fuel (in your case your food), that needs to deliver maximum energy to your body so you can maintain momentum.

The 3 foods to avoid when you want to be at optimum peak energy levels are:

1. Caffeine
The more caffeine you consume the more cortisol surges through your body. This stress hormone breaks down energy reserves and inevitably causes a rise in blood sugar. When you get this ‘high’ from consuming coffee or energy drinks, it is naturally followed by a ‘low’ and your mental alertness
and energy suffers.

2. Sugar
When you eat lots of sugary products, you can be stuck in the roller coaster ride of your blood glucose. Lots of foods you think are good for you actually contain a lot of sugars which are broken down into glucose. Insulin is involved in removing excess glucose out of the blood. If it has to work too hard to remove all the excess ‘sugar’ then you’ll have a problem as you’ll experience a drop in energy – you’ll feel low, lethargic and grumpy – not at all what you were hoping for. Check your labels for sugar content (a lot is hidden).

3. Wheat
If you’re experiencing low energy levels and you’ve checked the amount of caffeine and sugar ingested and that’s at an okay level, then reducing the amount of wheat you’re digesting, even if you’re not gluten intolerant, will assist in restoring energy levels. So check out how much grain you are eating… bread, pasta and cereals, and reduce your intake. You may be surprised as to how much your energy levels increase.

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