I have been very fortunate to experience Linda’s presentations on a number of occasions. Linda never fails to amaze me with her ability to engage every audience member through both her content and her delivery style. It is a rare speaker who has everybody listening intently to every word. Throughout those number of speaking presentations the content has varied. I have learnt about stress and how everything begins with a person’s thoughts – a very powerful presentation indeed! I have learnt about communicating in better and more effective ways to achieve the outcomes we want. I have learnt about leadership skills and the importance of emotional intelligence. Everything Linda speaks about is worth sitting up and listening to .... and better yet acting on her advice! I would thoroughly recommend Linda for any speaking engagements - her wise words, life experiences and ability to communicate are inspirational.

- Catherine Clark, Director CollectIt
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Steve Megaffin, Commercial Broker

Jethro Giles, Managing Director, JG Landcare Services Ltd

Linda captures the audience like no-one I’ve ever heard before. Linda has the ability to inspire, lead and get the message across, whatever the message may be, effectively and does a fantastic job. In my opinion she’s one of the best in the trade!

- Ryan Henwood, Director, Amy’s Flowers Ltd