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The feedback we have received from members attending your session at our annual conference is that you were a very engaging speaker with some very good strategies for people to manage their businesses and stress.

Lynn Render
Administrator ICNZB

Then our fabulous keynote speaker Linda Wells talked to us about transforming stress into business success. Linda gave us some clues about how to take back control, regain balance, increase productivity, and become comfortable with uncertainty!

Jo Dalgety
Auckland Executive Club

The only complaint about Linda's presentation was that the team wanted more!!!!. We'll need to have you back again.

Julie Hampson
Event Co-ordinator, Waikato Airport Limited

Linda is extremely inspirational. She has an amazing public speaking style which lights up the room. I want to absorb all the knowledge that she shares as it is so powerful and influential creating such a positive message to those receiving. Linda Wells, you are amazing!!!

Kyly Coombes
Managing Director , AgResultz

Linda is a great speaker. She was the guest presenter at our monthly ATAINZ branch meeting and it was refreshing to have a speaker talk about something other than tax. Our members were fully engaged for the entire presentation. Business stress is something we all need to pay attention to, all the time, so the content was timely and favourably received. Thank you Linda.

Irene Hunter
Chairperson ATAINZ West Auckland

Linda, as you probably realise, your talk was well appreciated, and, indeed, you were the last to leave so that must have meant there were some very interesting conversations after the talk.


Linda captures the audience like no-one I’ve ever heard before. Linda has the ability to inspire, lead and get the message across, whatever the message may be, effectively and does a fantastic job. In my opinion she’s one of the best in the trade!

Ryan Henwood
Director, Amy’s Flowers Ltd

I have had excellent feedback! Thank you so much you were fantastic.

Laura Kennedy
Secretary, NZISM Waikato Branch
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