Linda works with a few select associations and businesses to assist them in the understanding of how humans connect and how this makes a massive difference in the sales and marketing process, the engagement of staff, and the interaction between customers and team.

Linda is able to motivate, inspire and educate members and employees in the challenging area of transforming stress into business success. She delivers her material to managers, leaders and members of a group or team in a way that resonates with the individual allowing ample opportunity for leadership growth and smooth adaption to change.

Her recent book titled 'Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success' delivers feet on the ground, in the moment, easy to implement strategies that those in business can embrace. Stress and overwhelm has the capacity to bury people and many think that asking for help is akin to admitting weakness. This book helps those who are stressed and want to make a healthy start to taking back control of their work and their life.

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