Business Training

Linda works with businesses, institutes and associations wanting to increase productivity and profit.

Lifting the performance of a team of individuals requires an understanding of how humans connect. This makes a massive difference in the sales and marketing process, the engagement of staff, the interaction with clients and customers, and ultimately the financial outcomes of the business.

Linda is able to motivate, inspire and educate. She delivers her knowledge, experience and expertise in a way that resonates with the individual, giving them the opportunity for leadership and business growth, smooth adaption to market changes and the skills to cope in a demanding sales environment.

Linda has a strong and successful background in sales and business.  Her 11 years as an Award Winning real estate salesperson including 6 years recruiting and training for an industry leader in real estate, 8 years as a success coach for those individuals wanting to succeed in business at the highest level, her international qualifications as a leading mindset coach and her recent International Award Winning status for her book 'Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success', has Linda at the top of the training skills required to assist your organisation to achieve the results you're after.

Linda delivers feet on the ground, easy to implement strategies that those in the fast paced business world can embrace quickly for results. Working under pressure for too long creates 'overwhelm', affecting both performance and profit.

Action is needed now!

To arrange a discussion about your business training call Linda +64 21 226 1231

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