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As a leader, a manager or a boss you can find yourself in a pretty lonely place at times.

Working 1:1 with Linda will boost your enthusiasm, increase your confidence and certainty, uplift your leadership style and enhance your Business Behavioural Intelligence, involving the essential strategies and tools necessary for continued success and leadership growth.

The essential areas covered are:

  • upgrading self-management skills to improve personal and inter-personal communication and forge stronger relationships
  • developing self-awareness to become a better leader enabling greater clarity, emotional connection, and better decision-making
  • taking back control of any stress and or anxiety to increase focus and productivity
  • and putting a lot more enjoyment back into your work too!

As a business professional, owner, leader or manager you will see the results and feel the difference. You will become a more effective boss, a highly regarded leader and manager of people, clients and customers, and most importantly, be a better, more relaxed human being who is firmly back in the driver’s seat of your work and your life.

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“I felt anxious all the time, 24/7, and especially in the mornings. Plus, I wasn’t sleeping well. This paralysed me and I found it difficult to get out of bed and get going. Anxiety was impacting on my confidence and it created constant worry in my life.

In my business it was especially around whether I would have contracts renewed, I didn’t feel as though I wanted to spend time with my customers, I found it challenging to focus on tasks, I’d struggle with doing quotations, and get so wound up and I’d then worry about the financial impact that all this would have on my business and my brand. My business was doing well but I was constantly worrying about it.

Fortunately I have a very supportive wife, yet I knew it wasn’t fair on our relationship. It’s not nice when your partner is ‘upbeat’ and you’re feeling ‘down’.

One morning I decided I’d had enough! I’d heard Linda speak about anxiety and about the stress it creates in business. She could have been describing me. When I realised I could learn strategies and techniques to help me with my issues and deal with them, I put my hand up for help.

From Day 1, I experienced major changes as I was feeling more calm and relaxed each day. After two to three weeks I was noticing a lot more changes happening. I was more focused, had a lot more confidence, able to handle disappointments a lot better, had better management of my time and things seemed to take less time than before.

As more time has passed I’m more in tune with what’s going on with me and I’ve got amazing tools and techniques to deal with any niggling issues as they arise.

As a result I feel a lot better, I’m happier, I have more energy and I’m more flexible in my business and personal life, and feel way more content with life.”

Lionel Bekker
Newcleanland Cleaning Services
Sam Immers Sam Immers, Stellar Kitchen

“I had problems dealing with staff issues. I was taking on board their emotional baggage and it was driving me nutty!! I was often anxious about the thought of staff leaving and I wasn’t trusting them enough. I wanted to be a great leader in my business, passing on my knowledge and encouraging them. I didn’t want to micromanage my staff and yet I was yelling at them when the pressure was on.

These problems were negatively impacting my life. I was having sleepless nights, excessively self-medicating, running around in circles and feeling like I wasn’t fully achieving what was possible. I was experiencing poor health – a lot of head pain, constant headaches, shoulder/back pain, my diet was bad and exercise was easy to not do as I wasn’t feeling up to it.

I got to the point where I realised that my personal life was suffering too.  I wasn’t enjoying being the “boss’ and at that point I knew I needed support. Relationships also suffered as I couldn’t spend the quality time I wanted with them.

As soon as I began working with Linda I started getting results. I learned quickly how to respond differently to situations and the more I implemented the skills and techniques the more I reduced my own stress and anxiety. This allowed me to be a better boss, I started achieving my goals, I had more respect for and could control my money better, and I had time to do the things I enjoy. I now feel much more relaxed and best of all I now have time and energy for me.”

Dee Devine Dee Devine, Devine Accounting

“There was a tsunami brewing that was about to blow me out of the water if I didn’t change my ways! I had work stress! I wanted to assert myself better and be more comfortable in my leadership role within my business environment plus I had health issues, specifically migraines. Through working with Linda I’ve learnt new ways of approaching tasks or duties that previously caused stress and tension and I’ve grown in confidence in these areas. As an added bonus I ‘ve also learnt heaps about relating with others! Throughout the program with Linda I’ve achieved better balance in my work/life and no migraines!!! I now feel very comfortable in my own leadership skin, my self-worth has grown and have developed hugely the areas of relating and being comfortable with clients. It all boils down to less stress!! I recommend Linda to my own business clients and anyone who wants to reduce stress.”

Tony Fraser-Jones Tony Fraser-Jones, Profitable Tradies, N.Z.

Hello Linda

I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance recently.  Your advice was fantastic and has made a huge difference for me.  You are extremely thorough and your commitment to teaching the best strategies is second to none.  From my perspective your experience in business helps you understand the challenges those of us in business face.  I appreciated that!  I have and will continue to recommend (and in some cases) insist my friends and associates get in contact with you!

Best Regards