1:1 Coaching

One-to-one coaching (1:1) is when a person works individually with the coach on their particular areas of need to enhance their personal and business life.

Linda’s style of coaching supports the individual to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve self-awareness,
  • enhance resilience
  • develop greater emotional intelligence
  • increase self-confidence
  •         upgrade management skills
  •         develop leadership attributes
  • improve personal and inter-personal communication
  • enable better decision making
  • gain greater clarity
  • increase focus and productivity
  • improve relationships
  • ...and have a lot more fun and enjoyment too!

The business owner, leader or manager will see and feel wonderful results. These outcomes allow an individual to become a more effective boss, an upgraded leader and manager of people, and most importantly, be a better, more relaxed human being who is firmly back in the driver’s seat of their own life. Read the praise of some past clients of Linda’s here

Linda Wells of Outcomes Unlimited provides you this opportunity to work 1:1 with her, either face to face, online (Skype), or by phone. All coaching is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Linda offers a transformational approach to coaching rather than a transactional approach. This means she works not only at a behavioral level but also at the mindset and beliefs level which is the element that makes the difference between short-term and long-term change.

If you are interested, please click on the link below, complete the application and click Done and we’ll decide together if 1-on-1 coaching is right for you. Book A FREE Strategy Session with Linda

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