Client Success Stories

Success Stories

Lionel Bekker

“I felt anxious all the time, 24/7, and especially in the mornings. Plus, I wasn’t sleeping well. This paralysed me and I found it difficult to get out of bed and get going. Anxiety was impacting on my confidence and it created constant worry in my life.

In my business it was especially around whether I would have contracts renewed, I didn’t feel as though I wanted to spend time with my customers, I found it challenging to focus on tasks, I’d struggle with doing quotations, and get so wound up and I’d then worry about the financial impact that all this would have on my business and my brand. My business was doing well but I was constantly worrying about it.

Fortunately I have a very supportive wife, yet I knew it wasn’t fair on our relationship. It’s not nice when your partner is ‘upbeat’ and you’re feeling ‘down’.

One morning I decided I’d had enough! I’d heard Linda speak about anxiety and about the stress it creates in business. She could have been describing me. When I realised I could learn strategies and techniques to help me with my issues and deal with them, I put my hand up for help.

From Day 1, I experienced major changes as I was feeling more calm and relaxed each day. After two to three weeks I was noticing a lot more changes happening. I was more focused, had a lot more confidence, able to handle disappointments a lot better, had better management of my time and things seemed to take less time than before.

As more time has passed I’m more in tune with what’s going on with me and I’ve got amazing tools and techniques to deal with any niggling issues as they arise.

As a result I feel a lot better, I’m happier, I have more energy and I’m more flexible in my business and personal life, and feel way more content with life.”

Lionel Bekker New Cleanland Commercial and Residential Cleaning Company
Declan Ellis

“I was finding it really difficult to connect with myself, to deal with my anxiety  and the stress of the pressure it was creating.

My focus at work wasn’t great and some days I was not meeting my set targets and criteria. My relationships outside of work were almost non-existent as I tended to seclude myself, there was little real enjoyment going on and I just didn’t feel satisfied. I’d had enough of feeling this way!

A friend of mine suggested I work with Linda to find some answers to my anxiety. I’d had received support earlier yet it only took me so far. I was keen for help and I experienced a turnaround in the first session. It was truly a lightbulb moment for me to work with Linda! Very quickly, with her help, I achieved clarity of mind, finding it easier to think and gain peace of mind. I was now feeling relaxed, a state I hadn’t been in for a very long time.

As some three months later, I continue to feel so much better. I use all the techniques, knowing that I now have the power to change. I’ve been so much more productive in my work, I’m back exercising and feel physically and emotionally better too. The people around me, and my family, have noticed a huge difference as well.”

Declan Ellis Sales and Marketing, Hospitality Industry
Sam Immers

“I had problems dealing with staff issues. I was taking on board their emotional baggage and it was driving me nutty!! I was often anxious about the thought of staff leaving and I wasn’t trusting them enough. I wanted to be a great leader in my business, passing on my knowledge and encouraging them. I didn’t want to micromanage my staff and yet I was yelling at them when the pressure was on.

These problems were negatively impacting my life. I was having sleepless nights, excessively self-medicating, running around in circles and feeling like I wasn’t fully achieving what was possible. I was experiencing poor health – a lot of head pain, constant headaches, shoulder/back pain, my diet was bad and exercise was easy to not do as I wasn’t feeling up to it.

I got to the point where I realised that my personal life was suffering too.  I wasn’t enjoying being the “boss’ and at that point I knew I needed support. Relationships also suffered as I couldn’t spend the quality time I wanted with them.

As soon as I began working with Linda I started getting results. I learned quickly how to respond differently to situations and the more I implemented the skills and techniques the more I reduced my own stress and anxiety. This allowed me to be a better boss, I started achieving my goals, I had more respect for and could control my money better, and I had time to do the things I enjoy. I now feel much more relaxed and best of all I now have time and energy for me.”

Sam Immers Owner of Stellar Kitchen
Lynda MacKenzie

“I began working with Linda and everything started to change for the better. For example, I started going to the gym again and eating healthier and I was sleeping better. The most rewarding result for me was the peace that came back into my relationship.  I had confidence in myself again because I could trust myself to handle situations better. I was equipped now to deal with whatever came my way. I know within myself how much I’ve changed. I love not feeling powerless anymore.  I can create my own happiness.

I cannot recommend Linda enough. I am more than certain she can help anyone make the changes they want to make. Her business has been perfectly named, Outcomes Unlimited. She truly can help you change the entire course of your life”

Lynda MacKenzie
Tony Fraser-Jones

Hello Linda

I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance recently.  Your advice was fantastic and has made a huge difference for me.  You are extremely thorough and your commitment to teaching the best strategies is second to none.  From my perspective your experience in business helps you understand the challenges those of us in business face.  I appreciated that!  I have and will continue to recommend (and in some cases) insist my friends and associates get in contact with you!

Best Regards

Tony Fraser-Jones Business Coach

“There was a tsunami brewing that was about to blow me out of the water if I didn’t change my ways! I had work stress! I wanted to assert myself better and be more comfortable in my leadership role within my business environment plus I had health issues, specifically migraines. Through working with Linda I’ve learnt new ways of approaching tasks or duties that previously caused stress and tension and I’ve grown in confidence in these areas. As an added bonus I ‘ve also learnt heaps about relating with others! Throughout the program with Linda I’ve achieved better balance in my work/life and no migraines!!! I now feel very comfortable in my own leadership skin, my self-worth has grown and have developed hugely the areas of relating and being comfortable with clients. It all boils down to less stress!! I recommend Linda to my own business clients and anyone who wants to reduce stress.”

 Dee Devine, Devine Accounting, Business Owner

The following comments were taken from a client upon completion of a health and performance  coaching programme.

1.  Describe what your wine drinking situation was like before working on it with Linda. eg. how strong was the need to drink wine, how often did you need to drink wine, at what times & how much, why the need, how was the wine affecting your emotional & physical health and your life etc?

I believe that alcohol has become a part of a lifestyle today and involved in much of our lives.  It became a ritual that of an evening my husband and I would have a drink in the evening as a means of taking time out to talk, and relax.  As my stress levels increased, the alcohol became some sort of a salve to take the edge off things.  I believe that starting to focus on managing what I came to recognise as stress (I simply hadn’t realised I was so stressed) and finding alternative and better ways to manage it, removed the need to seek alcohol as the solution.  It also highlights the need to relate to each other outside of that ritual aspect and find other ways of relating.  What started as a social pastime, became a habit.  Alcohol obviously dulls the mind, has a physical impact on the body and well being, which then only adds to the problem rather than assisting.  Recognising in every moment you are at choice, and as you might going to a cookie jar, it makes all the difference to become aware and start noticing what is REALLY going on.

2. At what point in your personal journey with Linda did you decide it would be a good idea to break the wine cycle/craving?

Upon recollection it was about 8 weeks into our sessions.  When one recognises the triggers there becomes an opportunity to address the core problem rather than to mask it.

3. What specific benefits are you now receiving? eg. how do you feel now health-wise compared to before, do you have any craving/desire for wine now, are you clearer in your mind, do you have more energy now, are you more in control of yourself now etc?

I have learned better ways to control my state and my stress levels.  I still enjoy a glass of wine, however I can choose it or not.  Health wise yes, more energy and clarity.

4. Who would you recommend Linda’s services to?

Linda is a great person to work with.  I believe that often when working on your own personal development, that the issue you are working on isn’t actually the issue, its what’s driving the show.  So that when you really start to explore and become conscious about things, whilst starting with the initial concern, you get to see a much wider perspective and the underlying reasons as to why you have the issue in the first place.  Linda is always patient and allows you to discover things for yourself and the whole exploration becomes a much bigger and exciting journey than you ever anticipated.  It will actually change your life.

Katherine Business Director, New Zealand

During the programme with Linda, I have concentrated and worked on techniques and strategies to help me cope better with stress and anxiety. I have learnt to use many tools to increase my happiness and wellbeing. My brightest achievements are getting past issues that were holding me back, being able to see the best in things, and holding my head and seeing the world differently. I now feel I can control the way I feel. I am in charge of my actions, and my state of mind.

Stuart, New Zealand

"I'd been really stressed especially the last two years and I was putting myself under so much pressure. I would constantly worry about what might happen, really obsess and start micro-managing and it became a real strain. I had trouble talking about it causing stress to build up inside. It was quite a lonely feeling, I was scared of judgement and after a while I thought that was how life was. I'd feel guilt and shame about the way I felt and I was always comparing myself with others. My successes or what I was doing didn't seem to match up. I didn't think I'd ever have the contentment with my world. Since doing Linda's program I'm a happier person, my relationships with my partner and family and friends are better and I feel really calm and balanced. It's amazing really - I'm so positive and grateful."

Cushla Richardson, Management Studies Student

"I found Linda Wells online and liked what I read, her information resonated with me. Working with Linda has given me the tools to use to increase my emotional intelligence. The sessions were very useful and at times challenging. Plus, the twice weekly emails were to the point and great for reinforcing what we talked about during our sessions.  I've filed them under "some great stuff!" Linda was just what I was looking for!!”

K. Newton
Lisa Sigley, Sales Manager

I didn’t have any reservations about using a ‘coach’ as I thought it could only help me with my management role. Given that I do not hold a degree to assist me, I felt that I needed help to understand human behaviour better, how to deal with situations of conflict, and how to communicate better to gain the most from others, and then to help them.

I used Linda’s coaching services as I had heard she is very good. And I felt that I needed help. Coaching has helped me to think about the way that I ask questions. Helped me to understand that there is often a lot going on in the background for people, so don’t jump to conclusions. Helped me not to “react” when people say something to me. Helped me to understand not to “rush in” when I want to ask someone about a situation. It has helped me to get the best out of my sales team by running great “team building” exercises.

Personal and business wise it has been a huge help. I would recommend coaching for anyone who is in a management role. It would help if you want to gain the most from life, in how you conduct yourself, and how you look at certain situations. If you have a “goal” in sight….Linda helps you to work towards that.

Anyone in a crisis situation would gain assistance from Linda. Anyone who is wanting to understand human behaviour and get the most out of others. Managers who are wanting to understand why people work towards goals, and how best to establish what and why they are working towards/or away from.

Lisa Sigley, Sales Manager New Zealand
Andrew Heasman

My Craving for Drinking Coke is Gone!

Coca Cola has always been my comforter, when I felt stressed or just when feeling low. I always knew it was bad for me… yet I needed it! It used to relax me straight away and I’d feel comforted, a feeling that would last for 2-3hrs.

After working with Linda, I no longer craved Coke. It’s amazing. I now drink water and that was something I never wanted especially when eating out.

As a result, I’m much more relaxed. I feel more positive, I definitely now have more control over my life, my attitude is stronger, and I feel I’ve got a second lease on my life. It’s overwhelming, I feel in control and it started by seeing Linda.

Andrew Heasman New Zealand
Helen Fox, Business Owner

I highly recommend Linda!

Over the years I haven’t spent much money on myself or on any further education, and I just decided that I needed to do something for myself for a change. I’ve now spent more on myself than I’d normally dream of and the results have been huge – where do I begin?

I’ve realised that anything can be done and can be achieved by breaking habits, sometimes habits of a lifetime. I wasn’t aware of the way in which I’d habitually gone about things and I’ve been able to re-align my thinking and my actions with Linda’s guidance. There’s so much to learn. Before, I felt frumpy and was lacking in energy and frustrated because I knew and wanted to change but just didn’t know how.

I now look at things from a different angle, I’m more positive and I’m in control of my thinking, and therefore my actions, so much more. Plus, I now go into a store and try on clothes and, because I’ve lost weight, I’m feeling great and clothes shopping is no longer a thing to dread. As a result I feel in charge of myself and it’s positively impacting on my business too.It has been worth every cent! Linda provides a professional supportive service, one that offers you an ability to change from whatever point you’re at. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to undergo positive change.

Helen Fox, Business Owner New Zealand

An attendee at one of Linda Wells’ recent seminars said:

“The seminar was presented in a very supportive way with a wide variety of people, men and women, younger and older, attending. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed and I noticed that people around me were very engaged in the content. We were all focused on what was being presented to us, no fidgeting or distractions evident. I enjoyed the way in which Linda brought in the practical activities and connected them into our wellbeing and the related health topic. I came away with a much better understanding of how we sabotage our own health goals and I have learnt some very useful techniques.”

C. Manktelow, New Zealand

I had no reservations about using Linda to help me in my business as I have a lot of confidence in her abilities. She was able to bring a fresh perspective on so many levels with my team. We have implemented changes in the way we interact with customers and this process is on going. Linda allowed me to see areas where we could improve and fine tune our overall customer experience.

I would recommend Linda to anyone who has challenges within their business, or their life.”

Chris Seeley, World of Tyres, New Zealand

Did you have any reservation about using a ‘Wellness Coach’ to assist you with your situation/issue? If so, why? If not, why not?

There is always a bit of “can this really help and is this for me?” when starting something new however after my first consultation I had no doubt that I would benefit from what Linda was offering.

And how has the experience of having a Coach been for you?

Five months ago I was at a point where I needed help and was open to anyone/anything that would provide that so it has worked out great for me!! It has been an amazing journey and looking back at my old self I am extremely happy with the ‘better version of me’ I have become and now I see myself as continuing on life’s journey as a happier, healthier and stronger woman!

What made you decide to use Linda and her coaching services?

I think a lot had to do with timing and I am thankful that my mum referred me when she did. As a client herself, I was able to witness first-hand the transformation into a more confident, calmer and happier version of herself and thought “I could do with a bit of that!!”

What were the ‘issues” or “situations” you needed help with?

Probably best summarised into ‘weight’ and ‘confidence’. The last few years have been a lot tougher than I had imagined for myself and unfortunately a couple of serious health problems became more of an excuse to lose interest in life than a reason to embrace it. There were a lot of dark moments and struggles to try and find a way to be content with who I am, why I do the things I do or say the things I say and quite frankly the better version of me seemed to always be just out of my grasp. I had also made a decision to travel overseas and knew that in order for me to make the best of the experience and ‘survive’ the challenges ahead I would need help!

What specific benefits have you received? What outcomes are you achieving?

Where do I start!! Firstly, I have always considered myself to be a healthy eater and relatively active person compared to a lot of people however I was never at my best weight or shape. With Linda’s help I have changed my relationship with food and now enjoy eating and exercising with very pleasing results. This then had a flow on affect to the other major area of self-confidence. I feel so much better about myself and it is amazing to know that I am more confident in myself, the way I look and even in what I choose to wear which is new experience for me! Along with the self-confidence boost I feel stronger (in terms of personal power), I have more respect for myself and others, my relationships with my family and friends has also changed in different ways, and compared to how I used to be have a lot more of that “lust for life” people talk about; a desire to explore and take the new me for a spin so to speak.

Who else/or where might you recommend Linda’s Coaching Services to? And for what kind of situation/issue?

I think that anyone wanting to become a better version of them needs to get in touch with Linda!

Those that wish:

  • To learn how to handle life’s little challenges with confidence knowing that outcomes are not limited to the negative!;

  • To improve relationships in all aspects of your life including with yourself;

  • To just to put some time and energy into you for a change!

  • The tools I have learned are invaluable and I can ‘pull them out’ at any time for any purpose – and they work!!

C. Fox, New Zealand

I hesitated at first because NLP was new to me.
However, Linda’s confidence and obvious abilities soon put me at ease. Linda helped me to straighten out my thinking and I was amazed at how quickly a large problem became a small one, then disappeared completely. I have already referred a friend of mine to Linda to talk about her issues.

C.G. New Zealand
Elizabeth G

I’ve changed…

I embarked upon a Personal Development Programme with Linda because I wanted, and needed, change for myself. The three main health challenges I had at the beginning of the programme were lack of exercise, overweight and fatigue. Through working on the techniques and strategies and learning new tools I have lost weight, am exercising regularly and am making better choices.

Elizabeth G New Zealand