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Linda Wells is a Motivational Speaker, Business Trainer and Coach. As The Business Behavioural Specialist, Linda assists owners, leaders and salespeople to create business success through the power of understanding how humans act, feel and think. She works with groups and 1:1 and is passionate about helping individuals to increase their influence, confidence and success and decrease their stress.

Her background in education and sales have combined with international qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming Master NLP, Advanced Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques, leading her to focus on the issues most high achieving individuals experience. Pressure, tension, anxiety and overwhelm in business should not be ignored - there's a fine line between being busy, burned out or 'stuck' - Linda drills home the vital strategies and skills needed for sustained success.

Linda is an International Award Winning Author of the book Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success and she is committed to making sure everyone in business, in the workplace, knows how to take back control, regain balance, improve strategic communication, become comfortable with uncertainty, and improve how they feel at work and in their personal lives.

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