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As a passionate and experienced motivational speaker Linda focuses on the issues surrounding leadership, management, and business health and well-being.

She understands the challenges faced by those driven to succeed. She’s been there...and Linda has found that all achievers want practical, feet on the ground techniques and strategies that work in the real world, in the heat of the moment, and in their daily lives. Something that not only helps them become better in their workplace, but more importantly, helps them to become better people and to enjoy life more.

Her speaking and mentoring is supported by her recent book titled 'Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success' which delivers easy to implement strategies those in the workplace, in business, can embrace. Stress and overwhelm has the capacity to bury people yet many think that asking for help is akin to admitting weakness. This book helps those who are stressed and want to make a healthy start to taking back control of their work and their life.

After two decades of senior educational leadership, Linda took a leap of faith into business and self-employment. She successfully combined a sales and marketing career with a recruiting, coaching and sales training role while developing her training expertise in self-awareness, mental skills and emotional resilience.

Linda has traveled the world in order to gain the necessary qualifications and knowledge required to coach and support individuals as they enjoy business and personal success without the negative mental stress.

Linda, known as The Stress Specialist, has for the past thirteen years, inspired and educated men and women to develop a positive mindset to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, achieve greater productivity and significantly increase the enjoyment and success they get from their lives.

In her presentations, Linda positively tackles the challenges of 'being at your best more often' and she delivers a compelling message. With an ability to speak in a way that really connects with the audience, Linda will drive home the life changing messages around mental and emotional health so participants gain a fresh perspective and begin implementing new strategies immediately.

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