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Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success

Mental health and wellbeing is now one of the most talked about subjects in the workplace. Work should be rich and exciting. It's the human element that makes it so complex. That is why you need a comprehensive range of skills and tools in your mental and emotional ‘tool box’. In this powerful presentation Linda Wells delivers the savvy skill sets individuals need to use to get through pressured times, overcome workplace pressure and tension...and start taking back control TODAY!

Audience; professionals, business owners, CEOs, team leaders, team members, association members

How to Enjoy Success Without Sacrificing Yourself (and Your Family)

The reality is that most people in business - owners and directors - waste the best time of their lives spending hour after hour on building their business, with no way of knowing how to reduce stress and overwhelm. They are so wound up after doing a full day’s work that they have nothing left in the tank for themselves or their family. In this uplifting presentation the audience will discover how to take back control, regain balance and fuel their success.

Audience: business owners, self employed contractors, franchise owners, real estate, finance

How to Reduce Stress and Boost Success

Do you wonder how you’ll get through it all without falling apart…without completely losing the plot? Does your day at work feel like you're walking a tightrope, as you lurch from crisis to crisis? Are you secretly dreading what’s ahead each day, tight and tense, only just getting through...then find there’s no respite at night as you toss and turn? The audience will be able to unlock the 5 keys to supercharging their boss behavior …and make the changes that will see them sailing through next month, next quarter!

Audience: salespeople, self-employed contractors, small business owners, franchise owners, real estate

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