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Linda Wells - Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter

One of the biggest problems experienced by many in business is that there's too much to do and not enough time! This creates ongoing tension, a feeling that the work is never done and the resulting pressure is relentless.

It creates an ever present sense of overwhelm within.

This constant responding to all the demanding needs of workplace commitments, compliance, regulations, plus the imperative wants of clients, customers and staff quickly take its toll, zapping the energy and personal resources that a busy professional, business owner, leader or manager possesses.

Linda focuses on the solutions to the issues of workplace stress and overwhelm.

Linda's presentations give your audience what they need to take back control. As a passionate and experienced motivational speaker, she understands the challenges faced by those driven to succeed because she’s been there. Your delegates want practical, feet on the ground techniques and communication strategies that work in the real world, in the heat of the moment, and in their daily lives.

Her speaking is supported by her recent International Award Winning book titled 'Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success'.

Stress and overwhelm has the capacity to bury people and it's important for your members, your delegates, your audience to know how to take action now.

Linda will deliver a customised presentation for your audience

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Some of her speaking presentations are:

"Shifting Mental Stress Into Business Success!"

Do you wonder how you’ll get through it all without falling apart…without completely losing the plot?

Does your day at work feel like you're walking a tightrope, as you lurch from crisis to crisis?

Are you dreading what’s ahead each day, tight and tense, only just getting through...then find there’s no respite at night as you toss and turn?

The audience will be able to:

  • Discover the one tool necessary to handling problems with ease, bringing back some balance to your life and fueling your business success..
  • Learn the 3 pillars to taking back control …
  • Unlock the 5 keys to supercharging your boss behavior …and make the changes that will see you sailing through next month, next quarter!

"Beware Of The Biggest Expense in Business - The One That Doesn't Show Up In the balance Sheet"

Does the thought of the next quarter come with impeding gloom, a big sigh as you worry if you'll ever get to take a break...with bills to pay and staff away on holiday?

Running a business is a simple process which should be rich and exciting. It's the human element that makes it so complex. That is why you need a comprehensive range of skills and tools in your mental and emotional ‘tool box’.

In this powerful business presentation Linda Wells delivers the savvy skill sets business owners need to use to get through pressured times, overcome business pressure and tension...and start taking back control TODAY!

The audience will be able to:

In this engaging and educating presentation the audience will discover how to get back in the driver's seat of their life and take control of their busy, overactive mind.

After applying Linda's simple shifts, the audience:

  • Discover how to spot physical and emotional stress before it ever affects their well-being...
  • Learn how to deal with stress effectively when it does come up...
  • Find out how to increase effectiveness and productivity even when there's high levels of stress...

"Linda is extremely inspirational. She has an amazing public speaking style which lights up the room. I want to absorb all the knowledge that she shares as it is so powerful and influential creating such a positive message to those receiving. Linda Wells, you are amazing!!!"

- Kyly Coombes, Managing Director, AgResultz

"How to Enjoy Your Business Success...and Your Relationship, Your Family and Your Social Life...Without Experiencing Stress, Tension or Overwhelm"

The reality is that most people in business - owners, leaders and managers - waste the best time of their lives spending hour after hour on building their business, with no way of knowing how to reduce stress and overwhelm.

They are so wound up after doing a full day’s work that they have nothing left in the tank for their family.

They are ‘there’ but they’re not really present as they can’t switch off from work, can’t leave work at work, and constantly feel like they’re caught in a trap.

In this uplifting presentation the audience will discover how to take back control, regain balance and fuel their success.

You, the participant, will:

  • Master the 3 EASY ways to make sure you feel like you're working 100% on your business as well as putting 100% effort into your family.
  • Discover how to avoid coming home from work, missing those great moments with your partner and your kids.
  • Learn the 1 secret to making sure you have time and energy for the people you love the most
  • Discover the savvy skill sets to get through pressured times in your business...and how to make sure you enjoy your family time TODAY – even if you don’t know that’s possible!
  • Implement the important things missing in your day, creating some valuable time for yourself so you can feel like it’s not just work, work, work.
  • Plus so much more!

This presentation for business owners will stop you wishing you had more time; stop you kidding yourself that spending time after hours or in the weekends is necessary to make things happen in the business, and stop you making excuses to your understanding partner about why you’re not there again with your kids, missing out on family events that won’t be repeated!

It’s time to quit the stress and overwhelm…AND ensure that YOU enjoy the business success you’re after AND treasure the reasons you most likely went into business in the first place – your relationship, your family.

"I have had excellent feedback! Thank you so much you were fantastic."

- Laura Kennedy, Secretary, NZISM Waikato Branch

"Linda is extremely inspirational. She has an amazing public speaking style which lights up the room. I want to absorb all the knowledge that she shares as it is so powerful and influential creating such a positive message to those receiving. Linda Wells, you are amazing!!!"

- Kyly Coombes, Managing Director , AgResultz

“Linda captures the audience like no-one I’ve ever heard before. Linda has the ability to inspire, lead and get the message across, whatever the message may be, effectively and does a fantastic job. In my opinion she’s one of the best in the trade!”

- Ryan Henwood, Director, Amy’s Flowers Ltd

Linda’s engaging and powerful presentations will educate, inspire and inform your audience on how to significantly enhance the quality of every area of their work and personal life by shifting mental and emotional stress into a new self-awareness and upgraded mindset resulting in increased productivity, enhanced emotional resilience and enjoyment.

Linda Wells - Experienced and Qualified Speaker

Member of the Professional Speakers Association of New Zealand PSANZ

Master In Business Neuro Linguistic Programming

Centre Stage Credited Speaker

International Toastmaster's Communication and Leadership Award