How to STOP procrastinating…

Procrastination… now that’s a biggie!!

It’s so easy to get distracted in business isn’t it?

It’s so easy to start the day, or the week, with good intentions only to find before you know it the day has all gone…you’ve gone off track and not achieved a thing.

It’s takes commitment and persistence to keep your mind on task…

One of the better ways to keep yourself on track is to make sure you have 2 things in place:

  1. A BIG picture of what you & your business looks like in the future- this could be a timeline, a written statement, or a visual pathway of where you’re headed in the big scheme of things. Use this ‘picture’ to get really clear on what it you want! And review it frequently…daily if necessary!

2. A more detailed PLAN outlining the major components – no more than 90 days in length – any longer than this and your brain will be swamped and feel uncomfortable… then it will find ways to distract you, or will set up ‘procrastination’ (a form of anxiety). Once you’ve got a plan you can break it down into manageable chunks depending on the type of work you do.

And remember the old adage:

“Fail to plan… plan to fail”

And very few of us will want to fail so start planning.

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