How JOYFUL are you feeling right now?

Maybe that’s a dumb question to ask here…

Here’s another dumb one…

What joy are you planning at work, for today or tomorrow?

And another one…

When was the last time you experienced some joy at work?

And finally…when did you realize the joy had somewhat disappeared from your business, your work, leaving you feeling like you’re just going through the motions, on auto-pilot?

JOY – research tells us that joy plays a major part of a business owners success!

JOY is not to be ignored…or certainly the lack of joy!

JOY – is one of the positive emotions and is one of the biggest barometers of enjoying a good life, business and personal.

Is this something you need to pay some attention to?

Is now the time to bring back a lift in your mind, body and positive emotions?

If you’re sick and tired of not feeling joy it will be affecting your productivity, your relationships, and your ability to lead others.

Linda Wells is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and coach in the business arena. She has influenced the lives of thousands of men and women through her presentations and coaching programmes. She first discovered her gift for coaching at the age of twelve by helping younger players learn the game of netball. Her love of speaking started when she began her teaching career at nineteen years young, and she has never stopped perfecting her craft.