Got Any Business Self-Doubt?

Dealing with uncertainty or having difficulty with decision making some days?

“Have you ever had to make a big decision, one that required you to take a huge leap of faith, or one that could have major repercussions on you and or your family?

Seventeen years ago, I took the giant step of leaving a very secure role as a deputy principal of a high school. I had spent the previous few years getting myself ready for the next step in my career, which was the role of principal. This was what I was aiming for, and I knew I was in the best possible position to make that transition.

And yet when it came to carrying out the final step of applying, I decided I didn’t want to be the principal. That desire suddenly became a whole lot less important.

So, what did I crave? I wanted to be self-employed, to be my own boss.

But, one thing I didn’t bank on when I got started in my business, particularly in the beginning, was the uncertainty of my decision-making.

My internal radio station was playing the same tunes over and over:
• Have I made the right career move?
• What if I don’t succeed?
• What if I fail to make a decent income?”

This above is an extract from Linda’s book ‘Transforming Your Stress Into Business Stress’ available at
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