Exciting! Celebrity Guest Expert…

San Diego… I’m nearly on my way!!

There are lots of preparations going on for my trip to San Diego where I’ll be interviewed at a Red Carpet Event as a Celebrity Guest Expert.

I will be asked about my specialist area – Men’s Anxiety – and how I make a difference to the men I coach and the audiences I speak to.

One in five men experience anxiety and that’s only what is reported. And considering that only one in ten men with anxiety will actually report as suffering from this mental stress, you’ll understand that the problem is massive.

Many men are driven to succeed yet they often feel worn out in the process, have trouble maintaining their focus with an ever expanding list of things to do, and find it difficult to switch off when they get home.

And that’s why I’ve created programs for men to reduce mental stress. Once they start using the strategies, they develop razor sharp focus, enjoy better sleep, have more energy and feel reconnected with family and friends… and they’re a whole lot happier too!!

When you know how to shift mental stress into business success you feel back in control.

I’ll keep you posted on my experience at San Diego!