Are You Paying Enough Attention?

I’m wondering if this must be the most stressed period in human history. When you listen to people talking there’s often an element of too much to do and not enough time to do it in – how to fit in the ongoing pressure of commitments at work, home and play. Even children now have incredibly busy lives as they fit in activities, play dates and parties after school and during weekends.

What happen to human beings? We’re now becoming human ‘doings’ !!

And this constant state of doing is starting to take its toll, no more so than with our mental, emotional and physical health.

The mind and body are connected and if you’re experiencing some mental or emotional stress or anxiety most likely it will show up in your body. Hopefully you will notice it!

For example, if you’re stressed at work because the list of projects gets bigger and bigger and there appears no end in sight, you may get the signal from your body in the form of a headache or some tension or tightness in your chest. You’re feeling it – your body is letting you know there’s something out of balance. Or perhaps when you get home you just can’t seem to switch off the brain, it’s as if you’re still at work in your mind, or you wake up in the early hours of the morning with your brain wired and revving.

Or maybe you’ve got a person at work who is creating a shift in team culture. You can feel the negative change or atmosphere in the department and the person is making you feel anxious. Even when you think about work that person is immediately in your mind and you start to breathe very rapidly, maybe sweat a little or feel a sense of impending doom or pressure. And possibly you lie awake at night ruminating over and over about this person who’s threatening your workplace.

These responses in the body are signals to let you know something is not right. There is some dis-ease in the mind-body system. Listen to your body. The symptoms can vary between individuals and according to the context but inevitably the signals appear.

So why do you keep on ignoring the signals?

If you’d like to check out if any mental, emotional or physical signals you might be experiencing are worth taking note of pick up this free checklist and find out what’s going on for you.