Are You Feeling A Bit Ambushed?

Are you feeling too much of… of… of everything right now?

With all that information, at your fingertips, constantly online, hanging out for the next update… all that advice?

It’s not uncommon to start feeling overwhelmed and yet at other times you think you’ve got this whole thing under control.

There are so many decisions to be made, and at times there’s too much change and possibility to deal with.

You may feel ambushed: confronted suddenly and unexpectedly with unwelcome questions.

I work with people in business…owners, leaders, managers and team members who feel stretched, overwhelmed and tense, and who think there’s no easy solution…

They think they just have to tough it out. That this feeling too, will pass. That it’s not that important right now, that nobody will notice.

That kind of thinking is a recipe for disaster, with both work and personal issues…

And it creates ongoing problems.

We can easily get stuck in frustration, negativity and procrastination, and for some reason don’t know how to take back control and get done what needs to be done. Even when the pressure is on, in unprecedented times, during crises…

And relationships can suffer…

It can make you angry.

Or cause you to have negative, catastrophic thoughts …

Some days you’re just totally over it!! You wish everything would get back to normal. You wake up in the night and just the thought of doing what you need to do stresses you out. You shudder at the thought of everything you’ve got to deal with in the days ahead.

And the pressure tightens inside.

How do you avoid feeling ambushed … how do you hold it all together?

By conquering any fear you may feel.

Here’s a FEAR conquering system you can use to tackle the ambush:

F = Focus instead of freaking out: Connect to the present by paying all your attention to your breath, going in and going out. Focus on what you can control. Avoid the gloom and doom of the news broadcasts, check it in the morning and then focus on you and your world today.

E = Execute instead of escaping: This is a time to give yourself the opportunity to discuss your fears, your feelings give yourself a break. Talk to someone who can support you, a business colleague, trusted friend, mentor or professional.

A = Action instead of avoiding: List 3 things you can take action on today, write them down, start doing them and tick them off when completed. Taking action is a powerful way of operating in the present rather than the future.

R = Resource instead of refusing to pay attention to your signs of stress. Resource yourself…do what you know reduces your stress eg. physical activity, good meals cooked from scratch, regular mealtimes & time schedules, time out with the family, creative activities… then repeat.

Normal worrying is okay; excessive worrying, negativity or your mind constantly trying to cover all bases is not.

Linda Wells is a professional Speaker and Coach. She specialises in helping people transform their stress into business success.