9 Easy Fixes to Start Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty

Making a big decision?

Have you ever had to make a big decision, one that required you to take a huge leap of faith, or one that could have major repercussions on not only you but your family as well?

And if you’re stressed, anxious or tense making decisions, even the little ones, can be even worse.

Becoming comfortable with uncertainty is part of the decision making process. Uncertainty is defined as a situation in which something is not known. Research shows us that a major trigger for anxiety and worry is uncertainty. That is, whenever you’re not 100% sure of something, you are more likely to stress and worry about it.

Here are 9 easy fixes to start becoming comfortable with uncertainty:

1.     You can never be 100% certain!

The trouble is that no-one can predict the future and herein lies the problem…almost everything in life is uncertain!

2.      Sometimes you’ve just got to back yourself

Take that giant leap of faith and take action on what’s needed to have the success you desire.

3.     Positive affirmations do help

Chose suitable ones to support you along the way, for example, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right” – Henry Ford

4.    Build a picture in your mind of a certain future

Focus on a future that feels comfortable, taking the pressure off and removing any uncomfortable feeling you have around the uncertainty you’re currently experiencing

5.     Have help in laying the foundations of your future

Seek out the support you need, the earlier the better

6.     Learn to become more comfortable with uncertainty

Start acting “as if” you are comfortable with uncertainty

7.     Framing things up correctly in your mind makes a difference

Make sure the way you are viewing things is giving you the right way to success

8.     Stop thinking you need to be 100% sure of everything

Decisions can be made before you have exhausted all the options

9.     Trust your judgement   

You can’t cover all bases!! You can never be 100% sure of any outcome

Linda Wells is Men’s Anxiety Expert who for the past ten years has inspired and educated men and women to reduce stress and significantly increase the enjoyment and success they get from their lives. In her speaking presentations Linda delivers a compelling message that really connects with the audience as she drives home the life changing messages. www.outcomesunlimited.co.nz