3 Quick Tips To Upgrade Your Stress Strategy

Do you crave a situation where you’re enjoying the business success, feel energized, and are experiencing more happiness in your life with your loved ones…

There’s lots of important stuff to keep in mind…

And yes! The signs are there…they’re often ignored or you tell yourself you’ll deal with this stuff WHEN…when you have time, when the new staff member comes on board, when you’re not so busy or when things pick up, when you’ve got your current workload/projects done, when the family aren’t so demanding…and so on!

My world changed when I discovered powerful ways to put me back into the driver’s seat, with hands firmly on the wheel, controlling the road trip ahead. When you learn strategies, skills and techniques you can Shift Mental Stress into Business Success.

So, what do you do when you’re challenged with an over-active mind, one that doesn’t appear to have an off-switch? Whether you are in business, an owner, a manager, a team member, whatever you are, you can have success without the stress…

Here are 3 quick tips to keep in mind:

1.    Stop When the Warning Lights Come On

·       Listen to your body for the signs/signals of stress

·       Decide when to say ‘enough is enough’

2.    Understand What’s Going on

·       There are different types of stress which will require different strategies

·       Appreciate that ‘switching off’ is so hard to do

3.    Create Your Winning Race Plan

·       Take some action, any positive action is good

·       It’s OK to not know where to start

Linda Wells is a Speaker.Coach focused on the issues for men surrounding stress and anxiety. Grab my eBook ‘The Winning Guide for Men in Business – 11 Top Strategies to Shift Mental Stress into Business Success’ mensanxietyexpert.com