3 Keys Tips To Avoid Back to Work Engine Failure!

It’s easy to feel under powered when returning to business after a break, no matter whether it’s 3 days or 3 weeks. For some reason, it’s difficult to get the momentum up and the engine revving again!

And often there’s resentment and frustration, your heart just doesn’t seem in it…and maybe random, out of control thoughts are starting to take hold in your mind…thoughts of taking it easy, selling the business, going back to just doing what you really like doing…and you find yourself questioning what you’re doing.

This is quite normal after a break, after your system has had a chance to wind down a bit. And sure, it felt good to chill out with family and friends, with little care or worry other than what would you fire up on the BBQ for dinner or planning the day’s fishing, golf or family excursion.

Here are 3 key ways to building up the pace required at work:

1. Accept you’re not going to get back up to full speed immediately!

And really, do you want to be racing at that high powered, high revving pitch straight off the starting line? Remember what it was like prior to your break…that top speed was probably creating over-corrections, burnouts, and blowouts!

So acknowledge, and accept, it’s more healthy and better in the long run to get back into your desired pole position gradually…with plenty of practice runs in the first week or two to build up endurance and performance.

2.Red car Shop Plan your race with attention to the critical things!

Often your checklist of things to do is at this stage of the season is way too long for the start of racing. Cull out the items that aren’t going to make a difference on the track and focus on doing the activities/tasks that actually get you over the line.

Too much to do and no real chance of completion is going to mess with your mind! And will only add to those feelings of “I’d rather be somewhere else”.

3. Remind yourself of your track record!

Sometimes at the beginning of one year it’s easy to find last year has become a distant memory…the success you achieved, the way the team bonded and enjoyed the seasonal festivities together, the great compliments you received from satisfied clients and customers.

Every time your mind starts to focus on what you’ve got to do or how much you’re responsible for, stop for a moment and take a couple of deep breaths and bring to mind one situation, one moment from last year, that gave you a lot of personal satisfaction. And notice how more relaxed you feel.

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