3 Insane Ways To Put Yourself Under Pressure

Have you ever been in the company of another person only to find they constantly use words that have a negative aspect to them?

Sometimes you can’t work out why someone would speak using language that has the potential to drag another down and make them feel bad.

And too often we speak to ourselves in our own head with little attention to the words used.

Remember, all words have power. Depending on what power you give them or allow them to have will determine the strength and effect of those words.

One of my clients was unaware of how the language he was verbalizing externally was giving rise to the negative self-talk he found he was experiencing.

Paying attention to your own spoken words can be difficult as we don’t not generally notice what we’re saying.

Here are 3 insane things we say that puts us under enormous pressure:

  • I should spend more time with my team
  • I ought to send the information out straight after the meeting
  • I must read and reply to all of my emails

These words are called imperative words, for example, shouldhave to, need toought to, and must.

I taught my client to start really listening to his own language for these imperative words and expressions, then just stop and ask himself one or more of the following questions:

  • Who says?
  • What happens if I don’t?
  • What happens when I say ‘I choose to’ instead?

You’ll notice how your feelings change as a result of talking to yourself differently. It takes time to change language patterns and just like most aspects of change you need to pay attention to it.

“Don’t be a VICTIM of negative self-talk, remember you are listening!” – Bob Proctor

Linda Wells

Men’s Anxiety Expert

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