#2 Signs You And Your Business Might Be Going Downhill

Have you ever found yourself incapable of making a tiny, relatively unimportant decision, one that normally you’d make in a minute?

Why is it that something very simple and basic can cause you to deliberate and anguish for hours on end?

#1 You’re full of stress!!

Stress causes you to lose the clarity in your thinking and this quickly reflects in decision making.

You spend so much time trying to make certain that the decision you’re making is the right one or that it has the desired effect, that you actually worry unnecessarily about the outcomes and it stops you or delays you from making a decision.

It’s so frustrating.

It’s so draining.

And it robs you of your energy and your enjoyment.

#2 You procrastinate!!

Take a recent client of mine, he needed to choose a pen which was to be printed with his company’s logo and details. This pen would be given to clients as his tradespeople completed the allotted job and left the property.

What the company owner found was that there were hundreds of pens to choose from, ranging from type to size to colour to cost to available space for advertising, the list went on.

Just the act of deciding became a monumental task.

Every time he got close to making a decision he would procrastinate.

He became overwhelmed with the decision of which pen to choose. It got to the point where the office manager was asking him constantly which pen he’d decided upon.

More confusion gets created and your judgement becomes clouded.

The order needed to go in so the process could get underway. In the end, the office manager said “Just pick any old pen, for goodness sake, it doesn’t really matter!”.

When you are stressed, your mind is not clear. It’s in a state of overwhelm. A lot of the space in your mind is filled up with thoughts that cause you to struggle with timely decision making as you grapple with information overload and communication overwhelm.

Imagine what it’s like when you’re trying to make big decisions like hiring, firing, growing, developing, outsourcing, managing, caring, leading, and so on…

Let’s get this straight.

When you’re calm, when you’re relaxed you experience a high degree of clarity. It’s easy to get into your ‘flow’ and make decisions in a timely manner, just how you want them.

So, how do you become more comfortable with uncertainty regarding the ways you make small or big decisions?

By changing your behaviors.

It’s an inside job!

When you understand how your brain functions you can start to change the way you respond. You change your learned, patterned, ingrained behavior and get a different result.

Your experience a sense of freedom, of being in control of what’s going on for you.

You can get more comfortable with decision making, take less time in making decisions, have greater clarity and end up with more brain ‘space’ to deal with other things in your business.

It is my MISSION to rid the world of this struggle for men in business, because I’ve been there, and so have every one of my clients (and it’s awful) …

If you KNOW you are meant to be in business, and you at least THINK you should be able to enjoy being in business without the stress and anxiety, but you lack the confidence and knowledge to know what to do to achieve that … reach out.

This is what I am here for. And you’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe the frustration, the pain, the tension and despair that stress creates in your life).

I offer free Breakthrough Calls to help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to wake up every day to a business that supports you AND brings enjoyment and peace to you and the lives of others around you.

Here’s the link for those free Breakthrough Calls:  https://meetme.so/LindaWells


P.S. Here’s the link for those free Breakthrough Calls:  https://meetme.so/LindaWells