2 Mistakes Rookie Males Inevitably Make!

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one

has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

#1 Rookie Mistake: Thinking that stress doesn’t have a negative effect on all aspects of your life.

Stress make your heart race, your thoughts race and gives you a jittery, stressful feeling that can make it difficult to feel calm. It will trigger an unwanted excess of two hormones in your body: adrenalin (also known as epinephrine) and cortisol.

Adrenalin is your short-term stress hormone. In short, sharp doses it’s not a bad thing as it gives you the added energy boost for your survival, kick-starting a fight or flight response.

Cortisol is your long-term stress hormone. Too much of this one and you’re in trouble!

Historically, the long-term stress was around food supply – would we get enough to eat to avoid starvation? Now our long-term stresses seem to be more around financial pressures, relationship and family concerns, and health and work worries.

There’s a tendency to live life constantly ‘worrying’ or ‘stressing’ about all the things you need to do, have to do, should do, must do – creating a ‘pattern of panic’ stress response and producing a lot of cortisol. Not good when in the firing line!

And excess cortisol makes you think badly, love badly and sleep badly!

#2 Rookie Mistake: Believing that the food you eat, or don’t eat, doesn’t have anything to do with stress

Here’s the important fact linking food to stress and anxiety!

The increased level of cortisol elevates blood pressure and cholesterol, creates insulin resistance, makes you sleep poorly and causes overeating or insatiable cravings. This greatly affects mood as well as making you feel tired, sluggish and lethargic, plus you’ll lose focus and find it difficult to make decisions with the clarity you need.

You’re acting like a rookie if you’re eating on the run or going too long between meals or not taking proper care of what you eat.

Here’s the deal…

If you continue to eat poorly, love poorly, sleep poorly you’ll be stressed and then something will happen, something will manifest. And most likely you’ll find yourself under attack.

Linda Wells 

Men’s Anxiety expert

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