10 Ways To Recognize A Man’s Stress – Even If You’ve Just Met!

What are the tell-tale signs you should be looking out for to tell if a man, say a colleague or boss or friend, is experiencing stress?

How do you know if that guy you work with is experiencing anxiety?

Here are 10 of the most commonly displayed symptoms which could indicate that the man in front of you is stressed or anxious:

  1. Withdrawn – seems to spend more time alone, hiding out in an office or not joining in as much with others
  2. Doesn’t want to do anything socially – not keen to do the social events with the team, or if they are in charge they are not organizing any social events for the team
  3. Always tired – looks tired, seems lethargic and as though things are a bit of an effort
  4. Indecisive – takes longer to make decisions, even the simple everyday ones
  5. Sudden bursts of anger – this outburst would be out of character, he ‘loses it’ over something quite minor
  6. Loss of focus – his mind seems to be all over the place, you can’t seem to get him to zoom into what’s really needed
  7. Not eating well – eating more junk food or missing lunch
  8. Reduced emotional connection – doesn’t seem to care as much about the people around, not as engaged as he used to be, not as available
  9. Works longer hours – yet doesn’t seem to be achieving any more, in fact it appears he’s achieving less
  10. Not as much fun as he used to be – things all seem a little too serious, and you’re noticing he doesn’t laugh much these days

Keep a look out for these signs. One or two isolated events doesn’t mean stress or anxiety but in combination these symptoms generally indicate there’s something going on for the guy, and his stress or anxiety will require attention sometime soon.

Linda Wells is Men’s Anxiety Expert who for the past ten years has inspired and educated men and women to reduce stress and significantly increase the enjoyment and success they get from their lives. In her speaking presentations Linda delivers a compelling message that really connects with the audience as she drives home the life changing messages. www.outcomesunlimited.co.nz