1 Easy Way You Can Turn Debt And Stress Into Success

“I’m so tired of dealing with this! “

“I’m so over all these expenses and bills!”

“I’m struggling with my finances…and I’m stressing out about it!”

What if you could bring the stress around your debt under control?

Would that make a difference to your day to day health, your enjoyment of your work and family, and make for a happier lead up to Christmas?

stress-and-anxietyMoney concerns are among the leading causes of stress and anxiety. A recent survey found that money worries continue to plague us and serve as a significant source of stress for 64% of adults, ranking higher than the other three major sources: work, family responsibilities and health problems. Nearly three out of four adults said they felt stressed about money at least some of the time. More than a quarter reported that their stress was extreme and that they fretted about money most or all of the time.

So combine money worries and stress and you have a time bomb on your hands! Family life and health suffer as a result, creating additional stress.

What stops you taking the necessary steps to tackle your stress?

Debt snowballs! And so does stress!!

The health risks range from ulcers and migraines to heart attacks. Many people will have poor sleep patterns, experience anxiety on a daily basis, feel miserable, lose interest in their work or business due to anxiety, leading to neglect of their most vital protective factors during times of adversity; family friends, community, purpose and service. A combination of debt and stress is bound to lead to failure.

There are solutions!! Take the next step!!

By using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to relieve stress you will experience the following:

  • Feel more in control
  • Eliminate emotional pain
  • Have more time and energy to focus on growing your income
  • Start attracting abundance
  • Happiness!

shopping-happinessIf you are experiencing stress or anxiety then take the first step and receive help. Learn the techniques to free yourself from the emotional burden and notice how you can make lasting changes in your life. Learn the easy way to ease any emotional stress, anxiety or tension you’re experiencing and start enjoying life and creating happiness.

This article was written by Linda Wells a Health and Performance Coach who specialises in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  Linda coaches individuals to increase their emotional resilience and reduce their stress and anxiety. She runs a clinic for private clients (face to face and Skype), works with people in leadership and business, and educates and informs people through keynote speaking at conferences, seminars and interest groups.

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