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About Linda Wells

Linda Wells is a Professional Speaker, Author and Coach in the business community. She is well known for teaching successful men and women driven to succeed on how to take back control, reduce stress and anxiety, fuel their success and increase enjoyment.

As The Business Stress Specialist, Linda assists those in business with the essential tools of self-management, self-awareness and stress control. Pressure, tension, anxiety and overwhelm experienced in the workplace can no longer be ignored - there's a fine line between busy and burned out.

Her newly released book Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success is written for business owners, leaders, managers, those working in business, and anyone who wants to regain balance, increase productivity and improve how they feel at work and in their personal lives. Order online www.transformingyourstressintobusinesssuccess.com

Are you a business owner, CEO, leader, manager or team member who loves what you do but can’t switch off your busy mind when you want to?

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed by the demands of your work or business?

Are you tired of missing out on time with family and friends, even when you’re with them, because you’re always focused on work?

Linda Wells understands this predicament. She’s been a successful entrepreneur for nearly two decades, but when she found her hair falling out in clumps, she knew she had to make changes before stress derailed the business she loved. In Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success, Linda shares with you the techniques and strategies she has used to control her stress and how she has helped her clients to do the same.

The first step in reducing stress is acknowledging it and for many this can be hard to do. But where to go for help is often the next difficult part.

Congratulations, you're here...this book is full of practical, feet on the ground techniques that you can implement straight away to help you take back control of your stress and overwhelm.


In these pages you’ll learn numerous steps to resolve stress and the pressure and tension it so readily creates. These include:

  • Taking back control of your anxious thinking
  • Ditching your negative self-talk
  • Becoming comfortable with uncertainty
  • Developing healthy habits for eating, sleeping, and relaxing
  • Mastering the techniques of effective leadership
  • Embracing rather than fearing change
  • Supporting a stressed person
  • Re-discovering the joy of life
  • Creating a winning plan for business, work and personal success

Stress is not a badge of honour. No one gets brownie points for being so busy they ignore the signs of stress.

It’s time to take back control of your life and enjoy the success you deserve—without the stress. You can start here. Available to order CLICK HERE

Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success: Take Back Control, Regain Balance, Fuel Your Success


Business Stress Alleviator and Success Strategist

Success Stories

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Through working with Linda I’ve learnt new ways of approaching tasks or duties that previously caused stress and tension, grown in confidence and achieved better balance in my work/life and no migraines!!! I now feel very comfortable in my own leadership skin, my self-worth has grown and have developed hugely the areas of relating and being comfortable with clients. It all boils down to less stress!

Dee Devine

Business Owner, Devine Accounting

Lionel Bekker

“I’m happier, I have more energy and I’m more flexible in my business and personal life, and feel way more content with life.”

Lionel Bekker New Cleanland Commercial and Residential Cleaning Company

“When I began working with Linda, everything started to change for the better. Her business is perfectly named, Outcomes Unlimited.” 

Lynda Mackenzie
Sam Immers

“I now feel much more relaxed and best of all I now have time and energy for me!”

Sam Immers Owner of Stellar Kitchen