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About Linda Wells

My name is Linda Wells and I’m passionate about coaching people towards better outcomes and to ‘be at their best more often’.

As a health and performance coach my specialist role is to assist individuals to become more resourceful, to raise their emotional and mental fitness levels and to guide, encourage and support them in whatever they wish to achieve. We are held back only by the limits of our mind, at work and in our personal lives. By taking control of our thinking, and our feelings, we can harness the full power of our mind so anything is possible. My years of experience in leadership, business, and personal development have enriched the successful strategies used to help clients experience living life to its fullest. Happier and healthier outcomes are achieved with individuals reaching their potential and getting more of what they want.

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Success Stories

Lionel Bekker

“I’m happier, I have more energy and I’m more flexible in my business and personal life, and feel way more content with life.”

Lionel Bekker New Cleanland Commercial and Residential Cleaning Company
Declan Ellis

“I’ve been so much more productive in my work, I’m back exercising and feel physically and emotionally better too. The people around me, and my family, have noticed a huge difference as well.”

Declan Ellis Sales and Marketing, Hospitality Industry
Sam Immers

“I now feel much more relaxed and best of all I now have time and energy for me!”

Sam Immers Owner of Stellar Kitchen